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Puppy Culture and What We Provide

A Great Start for any Pup!

We want you to connect with your pup from the very beginning, and will send you pics of puppy firsts, growth, playtime, and furry cuteness. Starting the very first week, we will increase the pup's stimulation, and around three weeks start the process of socialization, potty training using alfalfa pellets, and weaning. We will chart your puppy's health, along with a 6 week well check at our local vet. We also teach your pup to begin communicating and learn to cope with new experiences. They will be familiar with children, outdoors, and a crate.

Puppies go home to you with a crate, a toy they've slept with for weeks, and a blanket that smells like their mom and litter-mates to ease the transition to their new home.

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