Current Litter

We are currently taking wait list applications for Daisy's litter ready to go home after November 11th. See below for pics of these sweet babies. We'd love to hear from you!


Hero Babies

Five Sweet Boys

Daisy's five boys will grow to be between 30-40lbs at most.

IMG_9626 (1).jpg


(after Scooby Doo, mystery-solving hero)

From the minute he was born, Scooby  has melted our hearts. He loves being held, just curls up and sleeps against you. A little quieter, gentler soul, so easy to love.


named for the dog hero who helped bring medicine to Nome, AL

Balto is a sweet, roly-poly little guy, who loves his Mama and loves to eat! He's full of character at a young age, and we just love him.

IMG_9640-1 (1).jpg


named for the crime-solving dog of movie fame

Benji is a snuggle-bug, whether it be a sibling or his mama, he wants someone to cuddle. Such an easy-going little guy is hard not to love.


named for the sled dog who ran medicine to Nome, AL, saving many lives

This handsome little guy is such a character already, he just makes us smile. He loves his food and loves to nap, preferably on a sibling or two, but he also just loves being held, and will melt to sleep in your hands.



named for the dog who made his family complete, of book and movie fame

Marley is a real cutie, with a sweet temperament to match. He is big into his Mama, milk, and snuggle time with his siblings. He loves to be gently pet, lulled to sleep with a full belly.