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Application and Pricing

All deposits are nonrefundable.

Price per puppy is $2500 regardless of gender or markings.

Payments are to be made in 3 increments.

Wait-list Deposit: Your first payment of  $250 will be taken at the time of your application being approved for one of our puppies and we both agree one of our puppies is a good fit for you. This deposit guarantees you a puppy from one of our litters. If we do not have a puppy for you from the upcoming litter it is fully refundable or transferable to a future litter.

Puppy Hold Deposit: Once the puppies are born and we can ensure you a pup from the current litter, an additional deposit of $250 is to be made within 1 week of the birth of the puppies, making your puppy deposit a total of $500. This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the total purchase price of your puppy. Deposits ARE transferable to another litter. No monies will be refunded under any conditions. A deposit holds all sales of your puppy.

Final Puppy Payment: The remaining balance of $2000 is due when your puppy is 6 weeks old, after its first vet visit.

Click below to fill out an application. We will call within 48 hours to follow up with you.

Application and Pricing: Text

Scheduled visits from our buyers are welcomed. However, please understand that young puppies are susceptible to illness and the health of our dogs is our top priority. Because of this, we do not allow visits until after the pups are 6 weeks old and have had their first vaccinations. Upon entering the house, you will be asked to remove your shoes and wash your hands. This may seem excessive, but illnesses like parvo can be deadly to our puppies and, with so many families wanting to visit, we must take precautions. We also ask that you not visit other breeders/pet stores/ dog parks/sick friends etc. before coming to our home. Please reschedule if you, or someone traveling with you, is not feeling well. Human ailments, such as strep, can be passed on to dogs. We must put the safety of our puppies first and foremost.If you are too far to travel for a visit, rest assured, we will send you pictures, videos and updates on the puppy you choose so that you may get to see and know all about him or her.

Application and Pricing: About
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